The Adminstration of Semalka crossing issues a resolution that facilitate the visitors procedures, who return from Roj Ava

On Tuesday, the management of the Semalka crossing issued a decree that makes it easier for visitors to Roj Ava / North-East Syria to return, and not to check up with the Immigration and Visa Department in Qamishlo /al Qamishli.

The visitors to Roj-Ava were forced when they return from Roj-Ava to visit the Immigration and Visa Service to complete the papers until returning to Iraqi Kurdistan.

An official at the Semalka crossing said the decision was made not to inspect the visa department in Qamishlo / Qamishli. And that the decision includes visitors who hold the form and residence ID of Kurdistan region, and the residence and nationality of European and Arab countries.

In an interview with Aso news network, Masoud Chetto said that the decision was made to facilitate return procedures through the Semalka crossing towards Bishkabur. In the past, the visitor had to check the visa department to complete return papers.

According to “Chetto” the decision includes to determine the amount of purposes attached with the visitors to return to Kurdistan through the crossing. “After agreeing with the management of the Beshkabur crossing on the part of Iraqi Kurdistan, we agreed that the quantity of objects should be limited to five pieces, including bags, crates and fertilizer bags,” he said. “There is only one car dedicated to Roj Ava side to carry passengers’ luggage,” he added, pointing out that frequent travelers high amount of luggage often cause great difficulties. “Departures are forced to wait long hours until they reach the other bank,” according to Chetto.

The decision also includes those who are required to serve in the military. According to officials in Semalka, they must review recruitment centers during entry into Roj Ava to conduct their affairs and terminate the required papers. Students and residents of Arab or foreign residence are exempted from the service, but the holders of Kurdistan residence ID and don’t proof that they are students, they will perform self-defense duty service and after completing the service they will be able to return back to Iraqi Kurdistan, but in case the students in Kurdistan have study documents, they will be able to return bak to Kurdistan without performing self-defense duty service.

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