Ecclesiastical schools open their doors with the cessation of teaching

Correspondents of Aso news network reported in a number of regions of Roj Ava / Al-Jazira and its towns that the private schools of the Christian churches opened Monday morning, 10-9-2018, but without starting the educational process and the form of teaching yet.
According to our correspondents, who were present in schools in the areas of “Sere Kaniye / Ras al-Ain, Derbasiyah, Qamishlo / Qamishli, Derek / Malikiya and Al-Hasakah”, which constitute the majority of the schools, A great example of the presence of ecclesiastical schools, which are Assyrian Syriac schools.

The area is witnessing a tension in the side of teaching the syriac language, where the Christian community is divided into the first group, which includes the Syriac parties within the democratic Autonomous-Administration. They prepared the Syriac curriculum and wants to teach Syriac curriculum instead of the Syrian government curriculum in Syria schools. Other Syriac parties oppose the idea of ​​teaching Syriac or administration curricula. And rejects the imposition of it on the Syrians, and demands that the Syrian government’s curricula remain (some say that the regime’ curricula are required because they have legitimacy).

According to Aso news 5 correspondents, the private schools in Qamishlo/Qamishli, Hasakah and Derek opened this morning, while private schools in Sere Kaniye / Ras Al Ain and Derbasiya remained closed, and students were asked to attend on Wednesday or next week. , Pending a clear picture of teaching in schools, according to officials of these schools.

All school officials refused to grant any press or official deceleration about the start of schools, the course or the quality of the curriculum to be taught in these schools.
It should be noted that the private schools of Christian churches located in the areas of the Autonomous Adminstration in Al Jazira was teaching in previous years curriculum of the Syrian government (regime), and when the Christian Syriac partners in the Autonomous Adminstration claimed to teach the Syriac curriculum private to the Autonomous Adminstration , it was protested by officials of ecclesiastical schools.


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