William Ruback: We are staying in the region until we stabilize it

US Secretary of State consultant, the ambassador William Ruback said on Tuesday, 28/08/2018 from Deir Al Zour that his country, the United States and the international coalition forces against ISIS, are staying in north-east of Syria until defeating ISIS and stabilize the region.
The ambassador’s speech came from the town of al-Bossaiyra (southeast of Deir al-Zour) during a meeting with the sheikhs and leaders of the Arab tribes in Deir al-Zour, where the ambassador said “we are staying here” referring to the north and north-east regions of Syria.

Ruback said in a brief speech to the media present in the Al Bossaiyra, including Aso News Network, that they “are determined to stabilize and return the people to their normal lives.”
For his part, Dr Ghassan Yousef, the joint chairman of Deir al-Zour Civil Council to Aso news network, said: “Ambassador William Ruback presented a clear message that the United States continues to fight terrorism and defeat it in their last pockets in Deir al-Zour.”
Yousef added that Ambassador Ruback’s message is political and clear, including the preservation of these areas and the establishment of security and stability and reconstruction.
In a question by Aso news network about the support given to these areas, the joint chairman of the Deir al-Zour Civil Council said they were promised from the coalition forces to restore development and stability in this region, stressing that during their meeting with Ambassador Ruback they confirmed several demands on security and development. Health, especially as the region is emerging from the fight against terrorism.
It is worth noting that the US State Department has appointed the former ambassador to Bahrain, William Roback, as its Special Advisor in the North and Northeast regions of Syria.
In the last few days, the Ambassador has conducted intensive tours in the areas of East Euphrates and Manbij, controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces.


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