Taa Marbouta

“Domestic violence” on the discussion table of “Taa Marbouta” workshop in Solouk

A workshop entitled “Domestic Violence against Women, how to deal with it and address it” was held on 27/08/2018 in the city of Solouk.

The workshop started with introducing the participants to each other, followed by brainstorming by the workshop facilitator to encourage them to participate, highlighting the issue of violence against women, its psychological and social repercussions on the reality of women and presenting a definition of forms of violence against women، and Review ways of prevention to reduce this phenomenon

Hanan Mohammed, Media and Communication Officer at Taa Marbouta Foundation, stressed the importance of the workshop and its objectives and the necessity of having a national strategy in order to raise awareness of the phenomenon of violence against women. In this context, the Foundation organizes a series of training workshops to sensitize women to issues affecting their living reality. These workshops to be an area for women to benefit from the expertise of lecturers.

For her part, Khabat Zaki spoke about the phenomenon of violence against women in Syria and its north in particular, where she dealt with the forms of violence prevalent in society, including psychological, physical, economic and social violence, as well as sexual violence, and discussed the reasons related to violence in “Solouk’s” local society, the most important were customs and traditions As well as economic and social causes. It is clear that treating violence against women in society requires that institutions play a preventive role and that women have the ability to speak their problems.

Amina Mustapha one of the participants said that :”Violence in all its forms damage the women , while they have the right for a space of freedom which she deserves to learn and then graduate. Regarding the violence subject is marital violence, which is one of the most common forms of violence against women in our societies. Men should respect women and consider them partners, not just a tool in the house and that men learn how to control their nervousness at home with women.
Mustapha saw that social customs are what deprives women from taking their rights from men under the law.
“Aida al-Omar,” one of the participants said that despite the large number of lectures and workshops to raise awareness of women’s rights in relation to the issue of violence against them, but often remains the barrier of social customs as a sword on the neck of women in light of the spread of culture of shame. Added that “In general, it is nice to listen to such workshops so that women can transfer their voices to their daughters, so that a new generation will born with raised awareness .