She tried to commit a suicide twice and fell for her four children

The released Yezidi , Ghazaleh Ali Qolo, in a special interview with Aso news network

On Tuesday, 14/08/2018, a Yazidi family, consisting of the mother Ghazaleh Ali Qolo and her four children, arrived in the town of Qamishlo /al Qamishli after being liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the eastern countryside of Deir Al-Zour from the grip of ISIS.

Ghazaleh, the kidnapped Yazidi , who has been released, spoke to Aso News about her bitter four-year journey since ISIS took control of the mountains of Shengal / Sinjar in Iraq. Thousands of Yazidis were killed and kidnapped on charges of infidelity.

With a sad and pale face, Ghazaleh told the story of kidnapping her and her family, who lived in Tel Azzer area, and says: “My four children, my husband, his sisters, his brothers, and their families were taken by truckloads from Solagh Tel Azzir to Tel Afar and then to Badosh after more than a month. After that we were taken to al-Raqqa and in the meantime we were separated from each other and I do not know anything about my family until now, my children and me were settled in Deir al-Zour. ”

Ghazaleh Ali told Aso news network. “ISIS members were beating me and my four children severely, calling us infidels and beating my youngest son who was one month old when we were abducted. Adding that “They were treating us like slaves and I became a servant in the houses of members of ISIS organization, “I washed the dishes, cleaned the house and did all the work, and I was sold once to another element, but the latter was killed in aa combat, so I spent another period among the widows of the organization elements, and we were forced to convert our religion. It was a very harsh life.

An attempt to suicide..

She tried to commit a suicide many times but retreated for her children. Ghazaleh’s attempts to suicide was due to the psychological torment, disgrace she felt, and how ISIS treated her.
she said. “I tried twice to kill myself with electricity, but my friends prevented me and convinced to stop doing that at least for my children, and again I tried to burn myself with the gas fuel but I retracted my decision after thinking about the fate of my children if I left them. ”

Last Sunday, 12/8/2018, the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated the Yazidi Ghazaleh and her four children in a Al Hajeen area. They are now in the custody of the Women’s Authority to be handed over to their families in Shengal / Sinjar through the self-Adminstration institutions in Al Jazira region in cooperation with Kurdistan Regional.
An official source in the women’s Authority told Aso News that the first group of liberated Yazidis arrived on 27/04/2017, and until the arrival of Ghazaleh and her children, the total number of liberated women and their children reached 81 women and 77 children.


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