Syria Future Party opens its headquarters in Qamishlo

Syria’s Future Party (a party representing the spectrum of the northern Syrian community of Roj-Ava) on Thursday has opened an office in the town of Qamislo.
“The aim of the new headquarters is to support the party’s ideology, which is aimed at suitable solutions for Syria as a whole,” party’s head Ibrahim al-Qaftan told Aso news network during the opening of the office, adding that in the party they call for democracy for the country.

Al Qaftan summarizes their orientation in the party as a national trend, not based on ethnic, national or ethnic groups affiliations.
The office was attended by representatives of political parties and bodies that follow Democratic Self-Administration and cultural and social personalities.
In response to a question from the correspondent of our network about the role of the party and its offices in the event of the return of state institutions to the region, al Qaftan said that the institutions of the state as institutions now exist, and if returned “will have a bigger role, as long as we believe in the unity of Syria, we will then open the headquarters in Damascus and Aleppo Lattakia and Tartous. We are not only a party of the North East, but of Syria and the Syrians. ” He added that they are going to continue in the presence or the absence of the regime. About their visit as Syrian Democratic Council Delegation said,
“We went to Damascus in order to discuss and establish the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, as was the case in the Ain Issa dialogue. As a result of these dialogues, we reached the formation of committees to study,” the self-management law of the Autonomous -administration and the law of local administration of the Syrian regime, to get out a serious debate, as was discussed in the decentralization of democratic pluralism. ”
It is noteworthy that the party of Syria’s future includes the spectrum of society from the Kurds, Arabs, Syriac, Assyrians and Turkmen.


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